Recently we’ve started acting on some ideas that we’ve bounced off each other in the office. One such idea was starting a blog so that our fans and customers can peek behind the curtain and see how the magic is done. That was the point of the previous couple of blog posts. This time, though, we would like to start introducing some of our awesome customers to the rest of the community, to promote a bit of style competition, camaraderie and discussion in the dirt bike graphics industry.

Today we would like you to meet one of our great and loyal customers. Hannes Seiffert is a young lad, but with a lot of riding experience. His two-wheeled addiction has started with a kid-sized Kawasaki KX 60. It was a good starting point and a source for his nickname KAWALOWER. As soon as Hannes got strong enough, he took off the kid wheels and switched to a proper KX 125 from 1995. This is the point where Moto-StyleMX comes in. We have helped Hannes spruce up this almost vet with a standard kit of our decals. Take a look!

You won’t see Hannes at any of the great motocross races. He’s one of us, a regular rider that loves the sport and does it for fun, not fame. Even so, he got into his very first race, a spectacular mud race in Schkölen two years ago and finished second overall in his class.  

For a short while, he moved on to a 2017 Kawasaki KXf 250. It was a beautiful bike, made even more stunning with custom design made specially for him by our talented designers.

The looks were spot on, but they’re not everything, though and like many of us, moto-freaks, he didn’t find the four-stroke as satisfying as a good ol’ two-stroke. That’s why he, for the first time ever, made the jump to Team Blue and got his current two-wheeled beauty – the Yamaha YZ250. Just look at her, how she shines in the new dress we made for them!

Thanks for getting this far, guys, and if you are our customer and would like us to do a bio on you, feel free to send us an email at info@, reach out to us on Facebook at or use the contact form on this page!